The Nourished Actor Podcast

Ep.70: Jeanna Gillespie, Fully Loving You

October 08, 2020 Dionna Eshleman
The Nourished Actor Podcast
Ep.70: Jeanna Gillespie, Fully Loving You
Show Notes

Welcome back to The Nourished Actor Podcast! Dionna has missed this community so much!

In this episode, Dionna interviews Jeanna Gillespie, a performer turned health coach! In her coaching business, Fully Loving You, she mainly works with high-achieving Perfectionist women, who’s fear of failure stand in the way of living their full potential. Some specific areas of focus include their body confidence, boundaries, emotional stability, and food choices. Her mission is to encourage unapologetic self-love with sustainable health practices to all women. Enjoy this amazing interview with Jeanna of Fully Loving You!
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