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Ep.58: Sit in Your Sh*t

June 09, 2020 Dionna Eshleman Episode 58
The Nourished Actor Podcast
Ep.58: Sit in Your Sh*t
Show Notes

In today's episode, Dionna addresses racial injustices and violence against the Black community. She discusses why it's crucial for allies to process and synthesize their thoughts and emotions internally, while simultaneously doing external actions to help dismantle systemic racism against the Black community.

Below are just a few of the many anti-racism educators, artists, and spiritual guides from the Black community. Please learn, listen, and look to these people for more information on how to become actively anti-racist and how to be a better ally to the Black community.

Anti-Racism Educators (Please do your own research in addition. This is just a small handful of the many Black anti-racism educators that are teaching and dismantling systemic racism.)
From Privilege to Progress
Monique Melton
Myisha T. Hill
Check Your Privilege (Founded by Myisha T. Hill)

Travis Keith Battle
Edward Mawere, for more on Eddie, you can also listen to his interviews on The Nourished Actor Podcast or check out his instagram
Camille E. Young
Danielle Pinnock
LaNisa Frederick
Hashtag Booked
Ivirlei Brookes
Brandon Kyle Goodman

Healers/Spiritual Guides
Noelle Diane Johnson, who is also an artist and stage manager. You can find her Nourished Actor Podcast interview here, or find her on IG
Aycee Brown
Alea Lovely

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